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About Us

Serenity Grace Transitional Housing is more than just a foster home, it is a private, non-profit organization providing full-time foster care services and emotional support for adolescent teens in Madison county and the surrounding areas.

We provide wrap around services to assist adolescent teens to transition into their next phase of life which is adulthood.

Our first commitment is to establish the highest level of care while providing a safe, stable, nurturing​ , and non-judgmental environment for neglected and “at risk” teens. Currently Serenity Grace Transitional Housing serves teen girls ages 12-19 1/2.

We offer programs which are designed to help these young teens cope with past trauma’s , mental health, self-esteem and relationships so that they may succeed in society. At Serenity Grace Transitional Housing we build our young teens up with emotional support, educational and therapeutic services.

We strive to empower our teens with the tools, support and guidance for them to reach their educational, career and life goals. Our purpose is to see our troubled teens make a successful transition into adulthood. ​We are a safe haven that allows our teen girls to have all the resources to obtain life skills , building healthy trusting relationships while preparing for life in a place they can call home.

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