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LaToya Meadows

As the founder of Simple Tax Solutions LLC and Mind Your Assets Tax School, Toya has built her empire with hard work, exemplary customer service, and continuing education on tax laws.

As a Birmingham, Alabama native, Toya Meadows started with humble beginnings who continuously set the bar to the highest level of excellence for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. As a result of her hard work and dedication, her office has serviced 500+ clients in the 2020 tax year.

She serves as a matchless example of success and servitude in her community, business relationships, and field of expertise. In 2019, accepted a Congratulatory Certificate of Achievement from Birmingham Mayor Randall L. Woodfin's Office in recognition of her honorable achievements . She also received a Certificate of Excellence and Appreciation from CrossLink Professional Tax Solutions, LLC; one of the most reputable tax professional software companies for her outstanding performance as an ERO.

In addition to work, Toya balances four children , a marriage to her supportive husband Tim, and two dogs, Lulu and Tokyo.

Toya aims to bring her knowledge and passion to YOUR business! The goal is to have your business just as successful if not MORE successful than hers!

Her countless hours of research and experience will be implemented in coaching you to become a successful taxpreneur. The #LevelUP 2.0 Coaching Course will be tailored to best suit your needs while establishing the foundation for business longevity and client retention.

* 2013 Meadows started her career as a tax professional

* 2017 she got fed up with Corporate America and resigned from her full time job

* 2018 Meadows launched her very own tax firm, hired and trained her staff , all while creating content for other ERO's to highly train their own staff, and generated her very first six figure salary

* 2019 Meadows was featured on FOX6 News in January during the most frustrating time for any taxpayer.. THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN, but no worries because of Meadows knowledge she eased the mind of billions of viewers and all went well. Spring 2019 Simple Tax Solutions LLC tax firm was recognized by Birmingham's Mayor Randall Woodfin and received a congratulatory award, and Meadows ended the year launching a successful tax academy Mind Your Assets Tax School

* 2020 Meadows is being sought after by H & R Block, a multi million dollar tax company who's eager to buy out her tax firm.

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