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Toya Mitchell

Tonya D. Mitchell, I am originally from Cleveland/ Dayton OH10. I have been a resident in Huntsville, Alabama for 32 years. I have been a business owner for 17 years. I am a professional owner and stylist at Mitchell &Co. Styling Salon. I am the owner and operator of Blinque Accessories, a boutique for fashion and accessories, here in Huntsville Ala. Graduated high school in Ohio. I attended Alabama A&M , majoring in: Business Management (1986-89) Attended The Masters Cosmetology School (Huntsville, Al.) and Dayton Hair Academy(Dayton, Ohio)

I am the loving mother of one son and two grand girls. I have two lovely siblings, a brother and a sister. I have been involved and helped with the community doing fund raisers and mentoring children as well as adults. I consider myself to be a motivational speaker to many because I’m always called for uplifting, encouraging, praying, and advising to help where it’s needed.

I am called to empower people to do better and excel in their lives, their mindset, skills and decision making. I love people and especially children. I am compassionate when it comes to mentoring and helping our youth and young adults. I love having fun, shopping, exercising, (weight lifting) running, riding bikes, crafting, and living a happy, stress free lifestyle, but I CAN work under pressure.

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